Test Drive

TOMI™ Celeste Test Drive

******** Test Drive is back up and running, now in the cloud. Special thanks to Ean and Holger. *********

How To Run

The public test drive allows you to profile small C, C++, and Fortran programs using a single TOMI Celeste core and single bank from a 2G DRAM 32Mbyte).

Passwords for multicore runs and hpc with mpi can be requested at benchmarks@venraytechnology.com or by calling (214) 587-9400.

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Compiler Environment and Limitations

The TOMI Test Drive compiler is gcc 4.6.1 supporting c, c++, Fortran with their corresponding language libraries.

The runtime environment is based on newlib (newlib 1.19.0): http://sourceware.org/newlib.

The implementation provides standard C and math functions. Basic system calls supporting IO are proxied to the host OS so files can be read or written.

Other system calls requiring a real OS (mmap, signals, timers,...) are not supported.

Statistics are returned in standard cGen format. Click sample_stats.txt for an example of execution statistics.

Click test.c to download a minimal C file. At "Select the Source File" below submit the downloaded file to run the Celeste Test Drive and see execution statics.