Intel Dies at the Power Wall

August 22, 2007
Russell Fish

The Future of Computing is Blocked by:

1. The "Power Wall"

Intel dumps plans to release 4Ghz Pentium.,1000000091,39170358,00.htm

Heat and Speed Wall,1000000091,39212972,00.htm

Dissipation of Popular CPUs

Even leakage power kills Pentium when it's standing still

Pentium IV (Prescott) crash landing

Intel Netburst Architecture, also known as Intel face plant

Legacy architectures are not much of an inheritance.

End of the MHz Wars, end of the single CPU

Cavemen thought they discovered fire, but it was really an over clocked Pentium.

2. The "Memory Wall"

"Bike tires on a Porsche." in reference to Pentium IV memory bus.

3. The Solution is Parallelism

4. Parallelism Isn't Here

5. TOMI - A New Approach

Referring to INTEL -

A quad-core CPU, like the Kentsfield, processes very well with multi-threaded applications (typical for video editing, ray-tracing, or rendering)

The future of computing applications is pattern matching and pattern creation.  Pattern matching includes everything from speech recognition to data mining.  Pattern creation includes everything from rendering text fonts in windows to manipulating 3D video elements in games.

Data level parallelism

Bob Colwell - "Complexity is a spent force"

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